<![CDATA[Argan of the Negev - Argan of the Negev]]>Sat, 20 Feb 2016 05:00:31 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Beauty everywhere]]>Mon, 18 Aug 2014 15:16:49 GMThttp://www.arganofthenegev.com/argan-of-the-negev/beauty-everywhereWe are finishing preparations for entering into the shmitta year, the seventh year in the agricultural cycle when the land is given a sabbatical- no planting, pruning, fertilising or anything that would improve the crop. The land is resting from rosh Hashana this year until Rosh Hashana next year.

The trees have rebounded beautifully from the winter storm- they have grown back much thicker and healthier than even before.

We have planted about 1000 new trees this year, including our windbreak of carob, mesquite and eucalyptus trees.
We also added a small garden area with Hopi blue corn, sunflowers, watermelon, squash and beans.
We have focused this year on improving the quality of the soil with amendments of organic nutrient and probiotic microorganisms. The results are truly amazing!
One of the more joyous aspects of our work has been witnessing the land come alive...not just the quality of the earth which you can feel with your hands when working (it is silkier, darker and more full of life)...and not just the beautiful trees with their greenery and fresh growth...but also the animals that are on the site in abundance. This was not the case last year.

Birds hover on the wind currents over us when we are working, watching and drinking from the water we have put in troughs, the ground is chock full of footprints from our nightly visitors...hyenas, foxes, jackals, hares, gerbils, mice porcupines...it is a joy to see.

One evening a jackal came right up to us on her way to the water trough. After she had drank her fill she returned even closer, stopping a few meters away from us and we exchanged silent acknowledgment. It was as if she was saying thank you for the water...

We are happy that the Land will rest soon and plan to use this year to work on some infrastructure development that is needed, like gravel roads, construction of a shaded area, entrance gates and perhaps a small abode for volunteers.

Until then we are busy with staking trees, weeding and all sorts of shmitta preparation.

much blessings from the Land, with wishes for prosperity and peace for all,

Shoshana and Yoni
<![CDATA[Planting Season once again]]>Mon, 03 Mar 2014 10:47:27 GMThttp://www.arganofthenegev.com/argan-of-the-negev/planting-season-once-againThe 2014 planting season is upon us!

We have been out on the field again, marking off the grid work for our next planting. The record-breaking winter storm that hit Israel in December was harsh on the baby trees planted last year, driving home to us the need to research further into particularly cold-resistant varieties.

We are working together with Dr. Elaine Solowey and her non-profit organisation The Rare Trees Association to do the necessary research- data is diligently being gathered in the hopes that we can determine the exact variety that feels at home in this highland desert region so that farmers who come after us will start out with best chances possible for success. 

Contributions for this research may now receive tax deductions. Contact us for information about how to do so: arganhanegev@gmail.com 

(the "donate" button on the web site is only for those who want to donate directly to us - contributions made in this way are not eligible for a tax deduction)

This year we have 12 varieties from higher altitude regions of Morocco that will be planted, as well as planned studies into three forms of plant protection from the winds of this valley.

The good news is that many farmers here are now considering argan as a crop and we are happy to be part of the process-

Many thanks to all of our supporters and friends worldwide- greetings from Mitzpe Ramon!

<![CDATA[What  a Summer!]]>Thu, 10 Oct 2013 10:15:08 GMThttp://www.arganofthenegev.com/argan-of-the-negev/what-a-summer
It's taken us until now to write an update because boy, have we been busy-

1000 little argan babies have been planted and are looking soooo beautiful. 

The amount of new growth on them is astonishing, a deep lush maroon that later turns to a dark deep green. We are so grateful to all and feel blessed that we are able to be the caretakers of the young trees....

There are new sections of our site truly worth seeing:

Click here for pictures of the argan babies (heart candy)...

And here to see some of the lovely souls who helped with the planting.

You would think that it's time for a break, right?


We are starting the land preparation for another 1000 trees to be planted in April 2014. Now is the time to dig those holes, hack those clods and move those stones! We are also planning on planting a windbreak of a few hundred carob trees. 

We couldnt do it without your help. You can donate using the button below if you'd like.... 

Thank you thank you thank you!

<![CDATA[INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN WAS a Success!]]>Sun, 03 Mar 2013 19:50:51 GMThttp://www.arganofthenegev.com/argan-of-the-negev/indiegogo-campaign-is-live Our first donation campaign was a success due to all your generous support- thank you!

We have received contributions and investment outside of the official campaign and were able to meet our goal to plant our first batch of trees.

This planting was on June 30th, and 1000 trees have been planted to date. The trees are thriving and beautiful...

Take a look at "Our Progress" (on the left) for a slideshow of the progress that has been made.

We are now preparing the land for another planting of 1000 trees again in early Spring and donations can now be made directly from this website (see the donation button on the right sidebar)...

<![CDATA[Beautiful Argan]]>Sun, 03 Mar 2013 11:51:36 GMThttp://www.arganofthenegev.com/argan-of-the-negev/beautiful-argan
We are in love with the Land of Israel and it's our dream to see the desert bloom. With our little corner of the desert in Eretz Yisrael we are planting argan trees. Now. It's incredible. We are so pleased that you are participating and supporting our vision and can't wait to be able to begin distribution of the precious oil that will, with G.d's help, come from our trees.

If you haven't seen our project in IndieGoGo, please click on over and have a look at our video. We would be so happy for you to join in on building the Land.

Please tell your friends and come visit often (the website and hey, come visit is in the Negev too when you're in the neighborhood)!